Belgrade Beer Fest
12-16.08.2009.Belgrade Beer Fest



Belgrade Beer Fest 2009



Belgrade Beer Fest 2009 exceeded all the expectations and with more than 650.000 visitors (out of which 15.000 from abroad) confirmed its epithet of the most visited manifestation in this part of Europe.

At the same time, the safety of all the visitors was at its maximum level, proved by the reports of the Police and City institute for emergent medical help.

Numerous business-diplomatic delegations (domestic and foreign) visited the festival, such as: Ball Packaging USA, Delegation of the Czech beer festival from Tabor, Embassies of Switzerland, USA, Great Britain, Croatia, and many other companies.

Hereby, we would like to point out the following facts about the seventh Beer Fest, which was held at Ušće, from 12th till 16th August 2009:

  • Entrance was free of charge
  • 47 musical performances of the bends and DJs from the country and abroad took place. 
  • Festival timetable was very accurate
  • During the festival one million liters of beer was drunk
  • Over 45 beer brands took part in the festival
  • Over 20 companies from different economy fields were present
  • Marketing campaign lasted for three months, including the regional countries, as well.
  • Internet site of the festival under visited 200.000 people, for 3 months.
  • Complete Ušće surrounding was returned to its previous state.
  • All the local media covered the festival, and over 600 articles were published.



  • At the campaign's stand at Nikola Pašić Square and during the festival we collected 1.148 kg of the cans which is an amount of 72.324 cans.
  • That means we managed, during these hot August days, to animate 15.166 people who brought the cans, and in that way directly supported the action.
  • Out of the collected cans 145 bicycles could be made
  • The total amount given in for recycling during this campaign saved the energy which would be enough for one computer to work for 9000 days
  • The most important thing is that those cans haven't end up at the dump, and they are returned to the production process, with energy saving, pollution and CO2 emission decrease.
  • Through this campaign we have raised the people's awareness, having the festival which promoted the very important subjects of recycling and environment protection.
  • Funds collected from the purchase of empty cans, as well as funds raised from SMS messages (final information we will get from MTS on October 1st) will be used for the purchase of recycling containers for Belgrade schools.


Sincerely yours,
Belgrade Cultural Network

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